Sunday, January 1, 2012

Thank You!

Now that our Toronto and Ottawa screenings have come and gone, we wanted to thank everyone who attended for all your support and enthusiasm during this process.  We had a great time and received some great comments and valuable feedback.

We will slowly be posting photos from both screenings as we go through our files and have them sent to us from others at the events.

Whats next?  Well, the A Case of Deceit process is far from over.  We will be re cutting portions of the film (as you learn a lot about what needs to stay or go once you screen it in front of an audience).  There are some parts that need to be cut out, not much...but a few.  Once this is complete we will be sending the film off for consideration into a number of film festivals.  This will go on for a few months.  During this time we will also be sourcing distribution options.  Hopefully we get some play at some festivals and can raise more awareness and hype that will leverage the film for possible distro.

Please stay tuned as we will continue to update the site with more VLOG videos and Behind the Scenes content as our time frees up a little bit and we can get at it.  Also we will let you know about some of the other interesting projects we are now working on.


Travis & Adam