Wednesday, December 5, 2012


We Are happy to announce our 3'rd place best drama victory at the Buffalo International Film Festival!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


The Film Makers of A Case of Deceit are home from their festival circuit! If you missed the film in the theatre, be sure to catch it on Canadian VOD! Also be sure to watch the new FESTIVAL VLOG! 

Friday, September 21, 2012

'A Case of Deceit' CANADIAN VOD!

Be Sure to check out 'A Case of Deceit' A Micro Budget indie Action Movie! Made in Canada!


Rogers on Demand
Telus VOD
Saskatel ( Saskatchewan Cable )
MTS Cable ( Manitoba Cable )

A Case of Deceit follows an edgy cop attempting to take down a notorious crime lord who discovers a double crossing deal that becomes the catalyst for uncovering an even deeper conspiracy.

The Film had a micro budget, small crew, and even smaller post production team, of the Director,         (Adam Kirkey) and Producer, (Travis Laidlaw) who edited did visual effects, and sound design. As well as Roy Nichol ( New Drummer of April Wine ) Who mixed the film! 

Come watch 'A Case of Deceit' and Support indie Film Making!

Friday, August 31, 2012


The Filmmakers are proud to announce their across Canada VOD Release through E1 Entertainment!

This September 4'th be sure to check out our little action flick on these great platforms:


Googles Play ( Youtube )

Rogers on Demand

Telus VOD

Saskatel ( Saskatchewan Cable )

MTS Cable ( Manitoba Cable )


Also please give us a high rating, and share with your friends, we appreciate all the support!

Official Selection 'Edmonton International Film Festival'

The cast and crew of A Case of Deceit are thrilled to announce their western Canada premiere, at the Edmonton International Film Festival!

The Film makers will be in attendance, and will be giving a Q&A following the film!

The Film will be screening September 30th 2012. Full Schedule to be announced soon on the EIFF Website.

For more information visit the Edmonton International Film Festival website! 

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Official Selection 'Buffalo International Film Festival'

The cast and crew of A Case of Deceit are thrilled to announce their USA premiere, at the Buffalo International Film Festival!

Film makers will be in attendance, and will be doing a Q&A about indie film making.

An unseen amount of chicken wings were eaten during the making of the film, now the film makers are on their way to where the chicken wing was invented! 

Schedule details have not yet been announced, the festival will take place: September 27th- September 30th 2012.

For more information visit the Buffalo International Film Festival website! 

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

iTunes Pre Order Contest!

iTunes pre order contest!!!!

First 5 people to pre-order their copy of A Case of Deceit on iTunes, and send us
A proof of purchase, will receive a FREE poster! 

Simply go to this LINK! pre order your copy of A Case of Deceit, and  forward your proof of purchase to !!

Contest ends September 4th, so hurry up! 

Winners will be announced on the Blog!

Tell your friends! And support our film!

Standard Free Holder Article

Check out this great article written by Cheryl Brink of the Standard Free Holder for A Case of Deceit!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Distro Updates and Beer Cannes!

Even though the film was finished a while ago, our work continues.  We are currently in the distribution seeking stage and wanted to give you guys a quick update as to where we are at.  We have brought on our business affairs and sales agent Factory Film Studios as well as Prince Films to help us shop around A Case of Deceit.  Since coming on board they have garnered us a number of potential sales avenues.  We are in talks for a VOD deal, a theatre run and a DVD deal.  We can't divulge specifics at this point but the prospects are very exciting.  

Also, recently Princ Films took ACOD to Cannes and had it showcased with one other film on it's slate.  People were very excited about the film and loved the poster.  We also were able to give out all the screeners that were taken to prospective buyers.  This is great news.  

We've even made a new VLOG episode to help explain!  Check it out now.

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Friday, March 9, 2012

Article in the Standard Freeholder

Check out this nice little article written by Cheryl Brink about the film over at the Standard Freeholder in Cornwall.  Follow Cheryl on twitter @reportercheryl

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Radio Interview on 106.9 The Bear

Check out a recent radio interview Adam (Writer, Director) did with Travis Pelletier from Ottawa's 106.9 The Bear.  They chat about A Case of Deceit, Star Wars and being a starving artist.

Click HERE to read the article and listen to the interview

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

VLOG SHOW -- EPISODE 2: The Visual Effects

Episode 2 of our VLOG SHOW is now online! Take a quick look into the visual effects behind the film with commentary by VFX artist and producer Travis Laidlaw as well as see an end to end sequence featuring all the final visual effects to make the film...well, most of them.

VLOG SHOW -- EPISODE 2: The Visual Effects

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Thank You!

Now that our Toronto and Ottawa screenings have come and gone, we wanted to thank everyone who attended for all your support and enthusiasm during this process.  We had a great time and received some great comments and valuable feedback.

We will slowly be posting photos from both screenings as we go through our files and have them sent to us from others at the events.

Whats next?  Well, the A Case of Deceit process is far from over.  We will be re cutting portions of the film (as you learn a lot about what needs to stay or go once you screen it in front of an audience).  There are some parts that need to be cut out, not much...but a few.  Once this is complete we will be sending the film off for consideration into a number of film festivals.  This will go on for a few months.  During this time we will also be sourcing distribution options.  Hopefully we get some play at some festivals and can raise more awareness and hype that will leverage the film for possible distro.

Please stay tuned as we will continue to update the site with more VLOG videos and Behind the Scenes content as our time frees up a little bit and we can get at it.  Also we will let you know about some of the other interesting projects we are now working on.


Travis & Adam