Friday, September 21, 2012

'A Case of Deceit' CANADIAN VOD!

Be Sure to check out 'A Case of Deceit' A Micro Budget indie Action Movie! Made in Canada!


Rogers on Demand
Telus VOD
Saskatel ( Saskatchewan Cable )
MTS Cable ( Manitoba Cable )

A Case of Deceit follows an edgy cop attempting to take down a notorious crime lord who discovers a double crossing deal that becomes the catalyst for uncovering an even deeper conspiracy.

The Film had a micro budget, small crew, and even smaller post production team, of the Director,         (Adam Kirkey) and Producer, (Travis Laidlaw) who edited did visual effects, and sound design. As well as Roy Nichol ( New Drummer of April Wine ) Who mixed the film! 

Come watch 'A Case of Deceit' and Support indie Film Making!

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